the warcry continues

the warcry continues

Mar 1 2009 - 8:50pm
Mar 1 2009 - 8:50pm

I have been in contact with a woman in Australia, she sent me a message on youtube in response to Warcry. Here's our conversation:
Hey! I'm sports captain at a school in Australia!
I'm really interested to know the words of the first warcry clip.
It was a really good video.
Thank you!
Sarah xx

My response:
Thank you! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it.
Both warcries actually have the same words, which was part of the reason we filmed them, to show the different interpretations of the same phrase.
The warcry is called "Hakula Mabani", I'm not sure of the actual words though. I think they may be nonsense phrases, just there to be shouted.
If you want to know the exact words, I can ask one if the boys who performed it.
Once again, thank you!

Then she wrote:

Yeah, I have shown a couple of my friends and they are all so impressed!
If it isn't too much trouble, I would love the words!
Give them all a big shoutout from Australia, they are fantastic :)
Thanks alot! Sarah xoxo

So I said:
Hi Sarah,
Sorry this has been a long time coming, it took a while for me to locate one of the schoolboys. Here's what he writes about the words:
"Front row arcs up "Akulaluma Bani!" then down.
Main group responds "Akulaluma Sebi!" then down.
Same thing again.
Front row arcs up "Zing Zing nik a ting!"
Main group responds "Ela vu!"
Front row " P A R K"
main " Zimma zay"
front " T O W N"
main " Zimma zay"
Front shouts and once they rise up they stay up, "Arise Arise!"
Main responds "Parktown!" and also stays up.
There is a slight pause as another count to three is whispered.
Front spells out Parktown letter by letter with the main responding. Starts, f "Give me a P" quick response "P" all the until PARKTOWN is spelt.
Then front asks "what have you got?" Main shouts "Parktown!"
Front shouts "And again?" Main shouts "Parktown!"
After that everyone cheers. Sometimes the front row guys join in on the final parktown."
Hope you're still interested in it this!
Take care

She said:
Wow, thank you so much!!!
I wasn't expecting so much detail :) thank you thank you!
I ended up writing some words and made a new war cry based on the boys one in the video. The war cry doesn't sound as good with English words and it's pretty different but I did use the interlocked arms and the stamping and basically the same beat.
I downloaded the video and played it to the school on assembly on the big overhead projector to show them what their inspiration was. There was such a big applause! We tried my version and for a first try it looked and sounded pretty good but we need a lot more practise.
When/if we ever manage to get it as good as the parktown boys and girls schools I will send you a video if you'd like to see. :)
Thanks again,
Sarah xoxo

Can you imagine filming that? Australian kids responding to our warcy work? Maybe we should plan a trip...