Robyn Nesbitt (b.1984) and Nina Barnett (b.1983) have been working collaboratively for eight years, mostly at a distance (Barnett currently lives in Chicago, Robyn in Johannesburg) and periodically in close proximity on residencies. Over time, they have begun to describe the collaboration as a “third person”, separate from their individual lives and practices. Their sense of the others presence, when together or apart, makes space for a distinct way of thinking and making. There particular personalities (one subjective and sensitive, the other cerebral and pragmatic) form a necessary duality in the process, and in the work that results.

Robyn Nesbitt www.robynnesbitt.com (b 1984) currently works and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa
Nina Barnett www.ninabarnett.org (b 1983) currently works and lives in Chicago, USA

2006 Barnett and Nesbitt both completed Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg, with distinction.
2010 Nesbitt completed her Master of Fine Arts, The University of Cape Town Michaelis School of Fine Art.
2012 Barnett completed her Masters at The University of Chicago.

2007 Spier Contemporary

Pro Helvetia, PROGR Berne Switzerland (July – August – November)
Air Bergen at USF, Norway (September – October)
Sober & Lonely Institute for Contemporary Art (SLICA) Suburban Residency (July)
Cite Des Arts International, Paris. (August – October)

2013 WAM Wits Art Museum
2010 UNISA Gallery Collection
2008 Johannesburg Art Gallery

Spier Contemporary 2007 Catalogue
The New Spell, 2008 (David Krut)

2013 PrøveRommet, Meteor Festival, USF Verftet Bergen, Norway.
Worms: A Collective Individual # Rerun of An Invasion, Stadtgalerie, Bern, Switzerland.
Black Maps/Josh Ginsburg, Sometimes/Atlantic House, Cape Town.
Research On The Nature of The Island, Parking Gallery, Johannesburg.
2011 “Where are we exactly - are we near the island? The island- is that what you call it?, VANSA, Cape Town.
Oh My, Oh My: from the annals of a great telepathic affair, Convocation House, Johannesburg.
“Where are we exactly - are we near the island? The island- is that what you call it?, Outlet Project Room, Johannesburg.
Unisa Art Gallery Recent Acquisitions 2011 Exhibition, Unisa Art Gallery, Pretoria.
2010 Anonymous Feature – Experiment 1 Intimate Theatre, Cape Town.
Wish you where here Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Gallery, Texas.
Contemporary Artists from South African Galleri 3,14 Bergen, Norway.
Mixtape, Mobile Cinema National Arts Festival, Grahamstown.
Contemporary South Africa ISIS ARTS, Newcastle, UK.
Guest video-screening programme: Contemporary South Africa International digital arts festival, Sofia Bulgaria.
2009 Can you hear me, Galapagos, New York.
2008 Spier Contemporary, Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg.
Warcry Live! Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg.
The New Spell, David Krut Fine Arts, New York.
2007 Spier Contemporary, Spier Wine Estate, Stellenbosch.
2006 Kazoo Play, Action, Intervention in Public and Private Space, Performance art festival The Premises Art Gallery, Johannesburg.