Dual Screen Video Projection
A school warcry is a South African high school tradition, a chant that expresses the energy and strength held in the organism of the school. The pulsing sound of hundreds of school children shouting in unison is exhilarating, both for the performing students and for those witnessing it. In this dual screen video installation, two schools perform their warcy at each other – the combined roar fearsome and thrilling. The polarities of the school groups are clear in their gender, uniform colour and performance style. The boys perform in a fierce, combative manner, the girls are more playful and joyous in their expression.

This installation evokes the exceptional qualities of large group action. It is vigorous, dynamic and ultimately celebratory. It brings to light the peculiar, singular tradition of warcries that permeates the South African school system.

Described as “conceptually neat and compelling” (Hayden Proud, Art South Africa), this piece centres the viewer in an immersive experience - at once threatening and rousing.

For many South African viewers, the exhilarating effect of the work is coupled with a certain nostalgia. There is a collective memory of being part of a school warcry, joined in unified song. Warcries have been a presence in educational institutions for many generations, contributing to a sense of community and group spirit in adolescents.