late, but close

late, but close

Aug 15 2011 - 5:58pm
Aug 15 2011 - 5:58pm

I know... Lauren tracked it down, will take it to Outlet on Thursday. Cant wait to compare notes.
Also we must talk soon, there are a few upcoming projects we need to work through.

Love the green parrot, can I add that to out list of telepathic occurrences?

Telepathic occurrences

11th july 6:25 Nina thought light went dim, Robyn Blinked
11th july 6:20 Robyn and Nina both looked up at the same time to check the time
8:30 Robyn Said Bless you, Nina Sneezed
12th july 10:15 Robyn has sympathetic pain in big toes because of Nina’s cold
13th july 1:40 Robyn got up and left the table, nina said salt
5:55 Robyn says its her handwriting, Nina says the same
13th – 14th night Robyn dreams of Nina on Grandfathers farm, Nina dreams of Robyn at a party in the bedroom
15th July 9:10 Nina and Robyn both wore blue top with white vest
16th 6:20 Nina had right hand in pocket robyn had left hand in pocket, then robyn touched nina and shocked her
6:30 Nina Blogged about cosmos, so did robyn
17th 7:00 am Nina and Robyn dream of running away and hiding
18th 8:45 Robyn turned off phone at 11:15 Nina texed Robyn at 11:15
19th 12:30 Robyn and Nina both went for the salt at the same time
21st 12:05 Nina said save document when Robyn was already saving
24th July 12:05 am Nina pre empted Robyn’s need to draw on nice paper
11th August Nina see's the green parrots in New York Robyn has been talking about