The Land Between Us

The Land Between Us

Nov 18 2010 - 4:39pm
The Land Between Us  -Chen Qiulin Garden
Nov 18 2010 - 4:39pm

Saw this amazing show in Manchester (my second favorite city after Glasgow) at the Whitworth "The Land Between Us".

"Taking a radical approach to landscape art, The Land Between Us presents historic and modern as works together and on equal terms. The exhibition focuses on the imagery of landscape, the places it depicts, the cultural and political power invested in the land and how meaning is found between art and the viewer."

"The Land Between Us imagines a place where art, artist and viewer confront each other beyond the limits of their individual frontiers".

o Black Audio Film Collective
o Vija Celmins
o Chen Qiulin
o Nikhil Chopra
o John Robert Cozens
o Willie Doherty
o Albrecht Dürer
o Olafur Eliasson
o Cyprien Gaillard
o Romuald Hazoumè
o Thomas Hearne
o William Holman Hunt
o Li Yuan-chia
o Erkan Ozgen
o Samuel Palmer
o Rembrandt
o Larissa Sansour
o JMW Turner
o Vincent Van Gogh
o Francis Wheatley
o James McNeill Whistler
o Rachel Whiteread
o Thomas Whittle
o Donovan Wylie

There are some works I want to talk to you about this weekend.