keep in mind

keep in mind


2 scripts, each 8" x 11"

Our collaborations have always consisted of polarities - two sides that
sometimes oppose, sometimes converge. This piece is an attempt to merge our identities, to take on and interpret each other’s memories, real and imagined.

This work was made during a residency at Sober and Lonely, Johannesburg in July 2011. Each evening, right before sleeping, we told each other stories. Each morning, we recorded each other’s narrative, interpreted by sleep, by the time that had passed since hearing, by our own memories that crept in. In combining the stories into one book, we created a single author - a common memory recalled by both artists.

This merging of selves resembles our experience of the Sober and Lonely Residency - the joining of daily routines, the sharing of living/sleeping space, the intensity of making work together in a limited time frame - our lives momentarily synced.

On leaving this shared environment, we regained our individuality and singular agency. To signify the coming together and the pulling apart of this episode, the final iteration of this process is two photocopies of our common book. Each artist traveled back to their home with one photocopy version, each edited the story from their individual setting. The books were then posted by the artists back to the residency location, 19 Abroath Street Hurlingham, Johannesburg. The two versions are marked, scuffed from travel, underlined to signify importance, corrected to show each artist’s viewpoint.